3D printing gantries for biotechnology applications

From $6000 Base system includes:
  • 3 Stepper motors (0.9 degree step angle), GT2 Belts (XY), threaded rod (Z), optical limit switches, 1 linear actuator (DC motor with feedback potentiometer)
  • Energy chains X and Y axis
  • Scaleable to address throughput requirements
  • Custom designed deck
In biotech, instruments should be designed to be conveniently repurposed when changes to methods and programs occur. Many research labs now have low cost 3D printers but most are not designed to incorporate different types of liquid handling techniques and integrate image processing schemes. These systems should be sufficiently scaleable to address fabrication processes and be amendable to incorporate modular enclosures to address various environmental control issues.

This system is set up where the X Y positions are fixed in the Z height and the bed containing wash stations, imaging stations, slide and microwell plate areas, etc move up and down along a Z axis. Also there are independant linear actuators on the gantry head allowing for Z motion (in addition to the bed). A base system comes with one linear actuator.

It is possible to adjust the size of the system in the X, Y and Z direction so it is possible to work with you in configuring a gantry that meets various throughput demands. Costs will adjust based on the extra materials. For more details please ask.
parametric 3D printing gantries for biotechnology applications

3D printer range of motion

parametric 3D printing gantry

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