3D printing gantry enclosures for biotechnology applications

From $2500 Base system includes:
  • Scaleable depending on gantry size
  • Comprised of easy to move panels
  • Sliding front door
  • Hook ups for separating electronics for environmental control environment
  • Comes in different colors
  • Removeable panels for interfacing with other equipment

Environmental control is really important for biotech processes. In the case of microarray fabrication, it is important to control the temperature and the humidity to reduce sample evaporation and control how the sample dries on the substrate surface. For these applications, HTS Resources also offers a programmatically controlled humidifier. Now as bioprinting is becoming more mainstream, environmental control will also involve creating incubation stations for dispensing and growing cell cultures.

In addition to environmental control, enclosures are also important for light sensitive applications like fluorescence imaging. For example, when measuring fluorescence abundance in microarray experiments, it is important to keep the imaging areas in the dark. It is possible to scan slides using this 3D printing gantry technology, HTS Resources has developed a proximal correlated fluorescence technique that measures microarray fluorescence at high sensitivity and throughput, details here.

These enclosures can be set up for convenient positioning of different sorts of tools. In the case of piezoelectric dispensing, it is important to control the hydrostatic pressure. So a pressure compensation vessel can fixed in a flexible way to adjust its height depending the level of the dispenser. Also syringe pumps can be fixed on the side.

It is also easy to remove panels to make it convenient to work on the system or for interfacing with the automation. It is important to know that the Z axis linear rails can be moved further from the threaded rod in the center and then source plates can loaded. Or for example the system can be coupled with a conveyer for loading in source plates and spotting targets.
3D printing gantry enclosure for biotechnology applications

panels can be removed to access different parts of the gantry

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