Microfluidics for 3D printing and imaging gantries

From $2500 Base system includes:
  • Pressure compensation vessel with liquid level sensor
  • Syringe pump with 3 way valve and arduino based electronics
  • Enclosure for wash, waste and pressure compensation pumps
  • Parametric wash, waste and dry station
  • Tubings and luer lock interconnections
Microfluidics is integral component for small volume dispensing using piezoelectric nozzles among other dispensing tools. The nice thing about this system is that sub nanoliter drop on demand dispensing can be combined with microliter volume aspiration and dispensing. So small volumes can be loaded into these dispensers from microwell plates and/or small tubes.

This system consists of pressure compensation that allows for a liquid level to be adjusted so that fluid does not leak or get sucked up into the dispensers. There is a liquid level sensor that provides the feedback needed to turn on the pressure compensation pump so that the liquid level is maintained.

There is a syringe pump with input and output valve which is connected to the dispenser. The input valve allows liquid to be sucked into the dispenser (aspiration) and the output valvue perfuses liquid out of the dispenser (dispensing). This device is controlled by an Arduino and includes firmware for controlling this pump via a serial connection.

Also is an enclosure containing the diaphragm pumps for washing, collecting waste liquid and for maintaining the pressure compensation liquid level. There are electrical connections for controlling the pumps using an RJ45 cable. Note: we do not provide water and waste bottles but will provide tubing and filters.

A parametric wash, waste and dry station is also provided which can be easily adapted depending on the number of tips on the system. The dry station is an area for placing dry fleece. The dry fleece is normally replaced periodically and is stuck to the support using double sided tape. In the software it is important to record the dry position so that the tip goes to a different position each time (explained in more detail here: washing and drying)

Pressure compensation vessel
pressure compensation vessel for controlling the liquid level in the tip
Syringe pump with 3 way valve
arduino syringe pump and three way valve

Pump enclosure
enclosure for wash, dry and pressure compensation pumps

Parametric wash, waste and dry station
enclosure for wash, dry and pressure compensation pumps

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