Microfluidics for piezoelectric dispensers price: $2000

    Enclosed are components useful for operating piezoelectric tips which includes a pressure compensation vessel for maintain the liquid level at the tip orifice. There is a liquid level sensor that provides a closed loop feedback for the pump that flows water in the bottle.

    The wash station consists of a wash area where the tips get washed from outside. Also it is recommended that the inside of the tip gets washed too and in this case it is recommended to attach a syringe pump with 3-way valve to the system. This is described here: syringe_pump_valve_luerlock.php. There is a also an area to decant waste and an area to dry the tip which is a plastic support for sticking some dry fleece. A packet of dry fleece is also included in the system.

The pump module consists of pumps. One draws fluid from the reservoir and pushes it into the pressure compensation vessel. Another pump draws fluid from the reservoir to the wash station for washing tips. The last pump draws water from the waste station to the waste container. The flow rate of the pump is adjustable using a voltage regulator. The control electronics are included.

Both the pressure compensation vessel and the liquid reservoir have a bottle filter to keep the lines from clogging.

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