This is a plate reader that was originally designed to reader 2D matrix code labeled tubes racked in microwell footprint. Its been designed to work with different types of 2D matrix tubes and is sort of modular to address the variations from one type to the next. It uses 2 RaspberryPi's each controlling a focusable camera and there is a voltage regulator that adjusts the light intensity (which may need to be necessary to optimize the lighting conditions for the different plates). This thing is hackable and can be used a microwell plate reader for other stuff too (like an ELISA plate reader, here is posted an image processing technique that could be adatped to work with this).

The system includes:
    1. 2 power supplies one dedicated for the LEDs and the the other for powering up the RaspberryPis
    2. Adjustable camera mount
    3. Camera client software and software driven LED adjustment and sample code sample code for reading the plates