High throughput in a small foot print!

When designing this 3D printer for doing biotech assays, I was thinking it is going to be way cooler if it is set up to do high throughput. I wanted it to be flexible too so the user can take out 1 or more conveyers if they want say ... if they wanted to work with tall features. So you can take one out and move the others at certain level that you want.

The system uses an inductive non contact sensor for measuring the z height and the motion controller electronics compensates if the surface is not totally level.

So the conveyer extends from the back, you can see from the side view. Basically you need a bench that is about 3 feet deep to fit this thing ... or you have the side then you need about 2 feet. The nice thing is that the panels are easy to remove in segments so you do not have to access the instrument through the front door.

Just watch the animation to get the idea!

3D printing conveying system
3D printing conveying system side view

32 slides

deck holding 32 slides

4 microwell plates

deck holding 4 microwell plates
Heated bed for 3D printing
deck a 3D 214x214mm heated bed

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