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This shop is part of a network of world leading developers in the sub microliter scale fabrication space. We consistently have been key collaborators in developing both new innovative scientific approaches. Additionally we have supported implementing very highly controlled processes that have cleared stringent regulatory requirements like FDA approval.

We have a large customer base consisting of large established industry leaders, leading research academic institutions, start ups and governmental facilities. Our products and services are flexible enough to provide value to many types of customers who are working with different budget levels.

Compared to our competition, both our products and technical support is unmatched. We do our best to design products that do not need special facilities (like expensive HPLC water), our software allows developers and end users to code (if they want), and we normally do not enforce service contracts to help our customers manage technical problems.

Basically we are passionate about what we do and want our customers to do amazing stuff working with us.


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