Amplifier and stroboscope for piezoelectric dispensers

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This is a specially developed operational amplifier for controlling piezoelectric dispensers. This amplifier includes a microcontroller that is used for generating waveforms that are subsequently amplified to a sufficient voltage (50-90V) to actuate piezoelectric dispensers to release a droplet. An LED and voltage regulator can be used for controlling its brightness and this can be synchronized to flash at a defined time after the nozzle dispenses the droplet.

The camera consists of a Raspberry Pi image sensor which is contained within enclosure designed for convenient positioning onto an aluminum extrusion support and having a holder for an M12 lens to allow for different magnifications and simplified adjustment of the focal distance. This camera is connected to a Raspberry Pi ARM computer that is used for streaming the video over the internet.

Additionally, we can set up a Chromebox computer reformatted with Ubuntu linux is used for controlling the stroboscope and for measuring the droplets. This is because the image processing for droplet detection is too slow on the Raspberry Pi ARM so the Chromebox is really fast and hosts the webserver for runs the measurement and control GUI. For more details about the software features please refer to this page.

The microcontroller generating the waveform and multiple pin outs which are available controlling multiple devices. This can be a triggered camera, example shown here. Other devices can quering data from a photodiode, flashing LEDs and charging plates (for flow cytometry cell sorting).

In addition to this complete system, it possible to purchase individual parts such as the amplifier by itself ... which is cheaper. Please inquire about pricing and more details.

Chromebox with Ubuntu linux for controlling piezoelectric amplifier and stroboscope
chromebox computer with ubuntu linux for piezoelectric dispensing amplifier and stroboscope control

Raspberry Pi camera mount and strob LED holder
raspberry pi camera mount with M12 lens holder and strob LED holder

Raspberry Pi ARM enclosure and aluminum extrusion mount
raspberry pi ARM enclosure and aluminum extrusion mount

Screen shot of browser based software for measuring droplets
stroboscope droplet in flight

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