Educational Outreach

LabBot3D was designed to be a low cost lab automation teaching tool where students can get introduced with STEM based techniques working with an open liquid handling, data collection and 3D printing instrument. Its also a sophisticated manufacturing system ideally suited for training our workforce in digital fabrication and assay development.

HTS Resources is committed in educational outreach and motivated to teach at multiple levels from high school, to community colleges and undergraduate programs to established research labs and professional education. The scope of the training can be at the level of introducing the techniques used for building a system like LabBot3D (ie., 3D design and printing, Sysadmin linux, coding, wiring, prototyping electronics, imaging/image processing) to introducing cutting edge laboratory techniques like:

LabBot3D is:

  • High throughput

  • an Internet-of-Things tool

  • Arduino based electronics

  • Linux based

  • OpenSCAD designed hardware

  • Fritzing designed electronics

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