Business development, OEM integration, sustainable support of new applications

Biotech is very innovation driven, we are always looking to develop new better cheaper therapeutics! However, one of the problems is that biotech processes are so complicated that extensive product development is needed to execute an SOP. Customers are typically requiring that and this goes into the cost of the product since there must be an acceptable a return of investment. The problem is that customers want an affordable innovative product and product support while it is being used (which can last for years). The vendor has to develop products that people keep wanting to buy so that they stay in business. In most cases, customers turn to the big vendors and cope with the big diversified companies who are not under so much pressure to innovate.

There is a correlation of the instrumentation cost to drug development. So we want give the customer the opportunity to develop applications (Apps). They publish the SOP in sometype of widely read journal or similar high exposure medium. They received a commission on subsequent units that are sold intended to be used for that application.

LabBot3D is a(n):

  • OEM product

  • Habitat for OEM products

  • Patent pending technology

  • USA made product

  • Open source product

  • Solution for lowering healthcare costs

  • STEM training tool

Apps marketplace

  • Step 1. HTS Resources helps customers develop applications

  • Step 2. Customer publishes application to public

  • Step 3. HTS Resources markets application

  • Step 4. HTS Resources sells system and customer gets royalty $$

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