Instrumentation Recycling Program = Making your Equipment Relevant Again!

Tired with your equipment ... supporting maintaince contracts or doing the same stuff, we have developed a system for refurbishing instrumentation. Using open source hardware and software, we can convert your old technology to do cutting edge science!

  • Replace proprietary electronics/software with open source
  • Integrate OEM components for economizing reagent consumption (piezo nozzles and microcontact print tools)
  • Create custom applications and streamlined user interfaces (details)
  • Combine liquid handling with data collection

HTS Resources is a OEM shop that sells various components that can be used for repurposing old equipment. From making it a microarray scanner, a microfluidic work station or a 3D printer, these things are possible. So instead of thinking about throwing old equipment way, give us a call and we can see what we can do.

Using reprap 3D printing techniques to make you equipment relevant
HTS Resources Equipment Refurbishing

Reprap lab printing parts for instruments Growing list of assorted equipment

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