Custom microarray fabrication

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    The microarray format is great for validating antibodies. But the problem is that you need specialized equipment and expertise for fabricating these microarrays

    These systems use piezoelectric dispensers that can generate sub nanoliter droplets and the spotting process is drop on demand so its possible to accurately dispense small volumes.

    Its possible to have up to 4 tips on the system where each tip is spotting either sequentially or simulataneously. Please ask about the options.

These systems produce high quality microarrays because the spotting cycle analyzes the droplet profile before the fabrication process is commenced. This is an automated process so if the droplet does not pass the stroboscope test then the sample is not spotted. The voltage, pulse width and frequency of the piezoelectric dispenser actuation can be adjusted to control for spotting volume and spot morphology

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HTS Resources is one of the original Nano-Plotter application developers and developed many innovations on this platform. One of which is the development object orientated advanced programming interface (API) called multitask. We can program and configure the right process for the fabrication application.

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