Electrocaloric flow sensor: MEMS tool for microfluidics

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A portable flow rate sensor for feed back control of picoliter level dispensing and other small volume liquid handling applications.

The flow-sensor is able to measure liquid flows in the range from less than 1 microlitre per minute up to 10 microlitres per minute. The measurement principle is based on the evaluation of the temperature distribution surrounding a miniaturised heater warming the liquid around some Kelvin. Both the heater and the temperature sensors reside on a thin membrane passed by the liquid from both sides. This principle ensures both high sensitivity and low response time excluding environment influences. Furthermore, no significant failures will be introduced by the ambient temperature.

The fluid connectors (made from PEEK) fit to flexible tubes with an inner diameter of (0.5 ... 0.8) mm. Optionally the flow-sensor can be delivered with stainless steel capillaries for the connection with thinner Teflon tubes. The flow-sensor comes either with a miniaturised electrical socket or with solder pads.

Graphic display of flowsensor assembly Electrocaloric flow sensor MEMS devices for microfluidics

Stroboscope flow sensor calibration

Integrate with optical based stroboscope detection for 2 dimensional calibration.

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