Microarray scanning

    The microarray format is great for validating antibodies. But the problem is that you need specialized equipment and expertise for fabricating these microarrays ....

    Our shop has state-of-the-art high throughput ultrasensitive and high-precision fluorescence microarray scanners available for scanning microarray slides. We have a Tecan Power scanner which has excellent sensitivity using an automated gain and focus optimization algorithm. Tecan has posted more details about its features.

    With a scanning precision range down to 2 microns per pixel (which is possible), it makes it more possible to quantify very small high density microarrays. This stretches to limits to how far you want to go doing multiple parallel analyte testing. This is one of the best instruments to do this since it uses a 16 bit image digitization scale and a high dynamic range photomultiplier tube light sensor.

We both work with and develop the best high throughput image processing software tools in the microarray industry. This includes turnkey image processing tools and custom development and validation to established standard operating procedures.

It is also possible to configure a high throughput data collection process using a Nano-Plotter or LabBot3D-Pi system. We can set up fluorescence imagers using our proximal correlated fluorescence sensing technology that are comparable in sensitivity to the scanners too.

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