Microarray slides and microarray gaskets

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    We have a large inventory of GraceBio AVID microarray slides and gaskets. These are high quality validated substrates for doing microarray assays. They have 3 columns and 8 rows so its possible to run 24 separate assays per slide. And we have the matching gaskets to conveniently pipet sample into these wells.

    The slides come in cases of 20 - For more info about the slides please check out the GraceBio site.

    These microarray slides are great for screening antibodies. It is possible to run both forward phase and reverse phase arrays.

In addition to the microarray slides, we also have gaskets. Each gasket comes with clips that holds the assembly into place. It forms wells that are positioned over the 24 array blocks to form wells. For more details about this product, please visit the GraceBio page.

The gaskets can be reused.

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