The Nano-Plotter family covers modular micro pipetting systems in the sub microliter range. It consists of different pipetting robots which can be combined with several accessories. The instruments feature unique piezoelectric pipettes working in accordance with the drop on demand principle (droplets start as small as 50 picoliter). This equipment is ideally suitable for microarray fabrication and biosensor assay development.

This is a finely engineered instrument which is the result of 20+ years of experience of optimizing processes in this format. Some of the original FDA compliant spotted array biochips used this equipment. There are models: NP2 - an experimental format and the larger NP2E well suited for production scale.

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This platform is capable integrating both sub nanoliter to milliliter scale dispensing. Additionally it is possible to implement multiple different cameras (ie., we sell 3 standard cameras - video microscope, target visualization camera and stroboscope) and flow rate sensors. Furthermore since it is a CNC instrument, it is also possible to put different tool heads on the machine (like pen, contact print heads). So our shop has developed a special XML formatted advanced programming interface for realizing diverse automated tasks in an organized way. This API is called multitask and details are posted.