This is a small cheap thermocycler used for running PCR reactions. It includes a tool for visualizing fluorescence too. It can be used for running the CDC approved Taqman tests for SARS-CoV-2. The system includes:
    1. Milled thermoblock and case for holding PCR tubes
    2. Illuminated tube holder for fluorescence imaging using something like a cell phone camera
    3. Arduino microcontroller shield for controlling heater, peltier cooling system and reading a temperature sensor
    4. Simple open-source command line python based software for thermocyling and turning on blue LED (Works on Windows, Mac and Linux)
    5. 12 PCR tubes that can be washed and reused
    6. 1 pipettor module, 6 wide bore pipettes and 6 10ul reaction volume pipettes details posted here
    7. Mineral oil
    8. Power supply

Portable thermocycler and imaging station for cell phones

The LED excites the fluorochrome and gets you to see if the target sequence is amplified

Green channel was plotted to compare. Heat conditions:
  • 95C 15 seconds
  • 60C 30 seconds
  • 40 cycles
    1. beta-actin - PCR with taqman probe
    2. blank - water control with master mix
Note: after 30 cycles signal was visable