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GeSiM Nano-Plotter™ - State of Art Precision Liquid Handling View details »

This is a finely engineered instrument which is the result of 20+ years of experience of optimizing processes in this format. Some of the original FDA compliant spotted array biochips used this equipment. There are models: NP2 - an experimental format and the larger NP2E well suited for production scale.

HTSR MultiTask API View details »

This platform is capable integrating both sub nanoliter to milliliter scale dispensing. Additionally it is possible to implement multiple different cameras (ie., we sell 3 standard cameras - video microscope, target visualization camera and stroboscope) and flow rate sensors. Furthermore since it is a CNC instrument, it is also possible to put different tool heads on the machine (like pen, contact print heads). So our shop has developed a special XML formatted advanced programming interface for realizing diverse automated tasks in an organized way. This API is called multitask and details are posted.

Microarray Imaging View details »

In addition to multitask, HTSR has also developed high throughput sensitive microarray image analysis system that can be realized on the Nano-Plotter™. This technique rivals that of a conventional photomultiplier array scanner that is commonly used for biochip data collection. The laser and bandpass filters can be easily swapped for multiplexing.

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