The pipette tip imaging station is designed to measure fluorescence abundance in the pipette tip. It was designed for real-time PCR imaging but it could be used for monitoring other types of reactions as well. The fluorescence color detection scheme is FAM/FITC/FAM.

The system includes:
    1. Mechanical assembly
    2. Raspberry Pi
    3. 2 Power supplies
    4. Adjustable focus Raspberry Pi camera
    5. Camera band pass filter
    6. Filter and diffuser
    7. LED control electronics
    8. Python based MQTT client software and image processing tool for quantifying fluorescence

Example data

Here is an example of visualizing Taqman probes in a pipette tip based real time PCR reaction. The model reaction is mouse beta-actin nucleic acid test using mouse cDNA. The camera can include image processing code for tracking liquid level and measuring fluorescence for FAM dyes. The animated images show the box that tracks the signal. The LabBot (3D printer) moves the tip at different Z heights as the signal is quantified. More data is posted here.
Template No template
PCR in a pipette tip visualization using fluorescence camer PCR in a pipette tip visualization using fluorescence camera

Thermocycling on a 3D printer example
This is using resusable pipette tips. real-time PCR on a 3D printer