Picoliter dispensing of MALDI matrix using piezoelectric nozzles

Nano - Plotter: 4 channel device
Piezo-Tip: NanoTip - J
Droplet volume: ~ 600 pl
Droplet speed: adjusted to ~ 4 m/s for each of the tips
Test: stroboscope before and after printing
Sample: 10 mg/ml 3 - HPA and 1 mg/ml diammonium hydrogen citrate in water
Viscosity: low, exact value unknown
Targets: black polypropylen surfaces
Droplets/Spot: 26
Volume/Spot: 15.6 nl
Enviroment: Temperature ~ 23 °C
Humidity: controlled to 60 % inside the cover of the device
Washing: - common wash, time 9 seconds - outside wash after sample aspiration to remove matrix from the side of the tip, time 5 seconds
Results: - Stability: very good - Reproducibility: very good

multiple piezoelectric dispensers spotting MALDI matrix

stroboscope detection of dispensed MALDI matrix example of MALDI matrix microarray

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