Features of the syringe pump and 3 way

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Versatile precision stepper motor drive syringe pump with 3 way valve. The syringe and stop-cock valve are replaceable ideal for sterile tissue culture operations that can be used for both flow cells and bioprinting

One of many places a syringe pump can be mounted on a LabBot3D since both structures are built using t-slot aluminum extrusions

The bill of materials includes 2 ribbon cable conversion boards that connects the servo, stepper motor and endstops to a hippy ribbon cable. Since there are two you can connect to the stepper motor driver and microcontroller on the other side.

Shows how the syringe plunger connects to the threaded rod

Instructions on how to easily replace the 10ml syringe

Get a M3 hex key and unscrew the M3 screw

Remove the screw completely

Remove the shuttle clamp on threaded rod from the shuttle

Unscrew the mount holding the plunger side of the syringe from the T-slot extrusion

Unscrew the mount holding the luer-lock end of the syringe from the T-slot extrusion

Remove syringe from plunger

Now the syringe is removed

Flip the syringe out of the plunger end mount

Remove plunger from the shuttle

Syringe and plunger being clamped into place

Expanded view of syringe and plunger clamped into place

Replace the disposable stop-cock valve from the 3-way valve assembly

Remove lid holding disposable stop-cock in place

Remove lid holding disposable stop-cock valve in place another view

Remove teh disposable stop-cock valve from valve assembly

An A4988 microstepper driver also used for RepRap 3D printers which is also included in the kit