Syringe pump with valve for disposable syringes

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  • Syringe and valve mount on modular aluminum extrusion (20mm)
  • Works with disposable luer-lock syringes (10ml) and stock cock valves
  • Infuses and withdraws (dispenses and aspirates)
  • Stepper driver, endstop board microcontroller, power supply
  • Luer-lock tubing and connectors
  • Mechanical endstop mount for homing
Syringe pumps are integral in laboratory processes. Its not so straightward to make these things work well, I have made many versions and finally developed a design that moves very smoothly and is convenient enough to replace syringes. Another I realized is just how much more convenient it is to work with luer-lock instead of Upchurch fittings too especially for low pressure applications (which these are used for mostly).

This syringe design can work with 3D printer, for example it uses a nema17 stepper similar to what 3D printing extruders so you can connect this pump directly to the 3D printer motor controller (i.e RAMPs, Smoothieware, Grbl type boards). To move the valve you can connect this to a microcontroller like an arduino. For those wanting to use the pump without a 3D printer motion controller board, a stepper motor board and Arduino Uno microcontroller is provided. Also included is some example, firmware code and support for getting a GUI interface set up (please ask).
pressure compensation vessel for controlling the liquid level in the tip pressure compensation vessel for controlling the liquid level in the tip

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